What we’re looking for
  • We’re looking for an Illustrator/2D Artist intern who will be making these visual assets for our interactive stories:

    • characters with various emotions

    • backgrounds/story scenes

    • standalone objects

  • We don’t care if you’ve never had experience actually making illustrations/2D assets. We want you to be willing to learn on your own, on-the-go while working with us and have a passion to actually produce good work.

  • You must have your own system, and software (any software works, as long as you can produce great visuals).

  • The art style that we’re looking for is semi-realistic. Please take a look at this Drive folder to get a better idea: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dzXSdbd31D0fzi0eq8lFEgOQFYOAjOv1

  • Having a passion for Indian languages and a resonance with what we’re striving to do will be a big plus.

What you can expect
  • The chance to build a body of work for your future endeavours.

  • Get to learn and hone your skills on-the-go.

  • Work on your own time, with two days off per week.

  • We’ll also be offering a stipend.

  • Contribute to building a company that aims to become synonymous with Indian language learning.