What we’re looking for
  • We’re looking for people who are really fluent (can read, write and speak) in English and any of these nine languages:

    • Bengali

    • Gujarati

    • Hindi

    • Kannada

    • Malayalam

    • Marathi

    • Punjabi

    • Tamizh

    • Telugu

  • At PortalLearn, you’ll be translating scripts from English to the language that you know. The initial translation can be done using any online tool of your choice. Following that, you will need to carefully go through the script, correct errors and make edits to ensure that the dialogues are in the manner that normal people actually speak.

  • You must have your own system (laptop or desktop), and please ensure that you have the necessary tools (virtual or physical keyboard) to type in the language you’re applying for.

  • Having a passion for the language that you’re applying for, and a resonance with what we’re striving to do will be a big plus.

What you can expect
  • You’ll get the flexibility to take a maximum of two days to translate a script. A script contains 100-200 words that need to be translated, on average.

  • We’ll also be offering a stipend based on the number of words translated.

  • Contribute to building a company that aims to become synonymous with Indian language learning.